Toddle the Time Away – Craft Ideas to Amuse Your Pre-schooler

We’ve all been there – it’s cold and rainy outside, your toddler is bouncing off the walls with nervous energy, toys are strewn over the floor, and one – or both – of you has shed tears of frustration. That’s why has compiled a list of absorbing craft ideas to entertain and occupy your toddler. And, apart from being great for improving gross and fine motor skills, chances are you have everything you need at home!

  1. Potato printingGather up a few potatoes, cut them in half and – hey presto – DIY stamps! All you need is a few poster paints and some large sheets of paper and your toddler will be happily absorbed for hours. Don’t forget an apron, though, as things might get messy! Add extra fun by cutting the potatoes in different shapes.
  2. Golf ball runnersA golf ball and some paint will soon have your toddler churning out artistic masterpieces on a rainy afternoon. Lay a sheet of paper at the bottom of a large tray, dip the golf ball into some paint, place it in the tray and let your toddler roll it this way and that by swaying the tray to and fro. Repeat with different colours.
  3. Finger paintingCan’t find the paintbrush? Give your toddler a truly hands-on experience with a spot of finger painting. You can also print or draw templates such as Christmas trees or butterflies for your toddler to decorate.
  4. Negative leaf impressionsThere’s nothing quite as fascinating as gathering up dry leaves from the garden, is there? Put your toddler’s armful of nature to use by creating pretty leaf impressions. Place the leaf on a blank sheet of paper, spray some colour around it with a spray can, remove the leaf, and voila – wall-hanging material.